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LuckyPhil(Posted 2003) [#1]
Is there editor or World Builder that allows you to create a terrain (world), assign different textures to different locations and then let you place objects (meshes). Essentially a world builder.

If not, how does everyone else create their terrains, textures, and add objects to the terrain??
Do I have to build everything seperately and combine them programmatically later on?

Maplet is nice, but it appears to only be able to handle indoor environments.


Sunteam Software(Posted 2003) [#2]
Have a look on www.blitzshowcase.com I'm pretty sure there are several around.

Doggie(Posted 2003) [#3]
There's HomeSpun. I used to have it at Blitz Showcase but removed it from there. Give me a day or two and I'll get it re-upped and post a link where you can get it.
Watch this space.


I just checked and there's so much work I'd need to do
to get a copy of the latest(unfinished by far)edition
to an uploadable,useable condition...
Would some kind soul who has a copy of the HomeSpun
zip file that came from the showcase please provide
a link for it so people can still get it?
I'm looking at first quarter 2004 for the new version
to be ready.

Kozmi(Posted 2003) [#4]

Try this world builder out LuckyPhil... It's called CSP WorldBuilder 2.0 and it will do what your asking to do!
This is a really cool world builder and is right up your alley!


LuckyPhil(Posted 2003) [#5]
Hey guys,

Some of these links are great! Many thanks.

I can now spend the weekend building my new world. ;)

Lucky Phil.

jfk EO-11110(Posted 2003) [#6]
BTW, the CSP Worldbuilder 0.2 might be a bit unflexible. Because of that I have released the Source some time ago:
BTW2 - you need the BBGUI Include Files too:

Also: the heighttexturing might look not so nice. Have a look on Dr.Av's Texture Transition Creator at

Kozmi(Posted 2003) [#7]
@ jfk

I recently used your CSP WorldBuilder 0.2 and found it to be almost the same thing I was designing awhile back in darkbasic but I more or less abandoned the editor due to other issue's with darkbasic that just pissed me off and now with Blitz3D I find that I can do what I wanted to do and even more.. But I gotta' tell ya' here now... A many thanks for the source to your CSP Worldbuilder 0.2 as I would definately would like to take a look at it and see your fine coding at work here! BTW too! Is the BBGUI still available for download? I know you said the include files are at the above link above in your post, But does the include files also include the documentation explaining how to write GUI-windows for other applications and such as Im' currently looking into finding a decent GUI for my new upcoming world editor called QoolEdit v1.0
Any information where i can find the documentation on how to use the BBGUI would be greatly appreciated very much!
And thanks again for the above links you posted!
I also do believe I sent you an email..

Thank's again!

Kozmi(Posted 2003) [#8]

Im' terribly sorry dude... I should of visited the link first before I written the above post reply to you!
Anyways again... Thank's a million!

MRaven(Posted 2003) [#9]
If you want, take a look at Worldspin...


jfk EO-11110(Posted 2003) [#10]
If there are problems with bbgui I suggest to contagt jeppe nielsen, the author. the email adress may be found on the download page mentioned above.