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Verminaard(Posted 2003) [#1]
Hi folks,
now i know that other people here use 3ds max for thier modelling, so i know it can be done, but i am having problems loading .3ds meshes into blitz.
The mesh is a static one (no anims or bones) of a house, with a UVW mapped 800 x 600 jpeg texture. I create the house mesh in 3ds max, add the UVW map modifier, apply the texture (created from the imaged produced from texporter), and apply the unwrap UVW modifier. I then export the model to .3ds (preserving max's mapping co-ords) and try to import it into blitz.
However, when i run the program in blitz, although the model imports fine (or seems to :/) it has no texture and just appears white.....
I have tried almost everything i can think of: i have tried collapsing the modifier stack before i export from max (no difference), i have tried not preserving max's texture co-ords when i export it from max (no difference) and i have even tried to export it to the .x format instaed using teh export plugin from the microsoft website (still no texture and it flips it 90 degrees on its side :/)
Please dont just advise me to use maya or lightwave or something like that, i have been learning max for months now and i am not starting a new modelling package for the sake of blitz.
So, can anyone help? I have been stuck on this for days and i am seriously about to bin all my blitz stuff and move over to D-basic if i cant find a work around for this soon......
Cheers for any help :D

(tu) sinu(Posted 2003) [#2]
make sure the texture is in the same folder as the exported model and that the name of it is under or equal to 8 characters excluding the .jpg extension.

Verminaard(Posted 2003) [#3]
that i didnt know that :D, i'll go and give it a try now :D thanks sinu

[EDIT] WOOT!!!! works perfectly :D thanks dude

IPete2(Posted 2003) [#4]

Why are you using .3ds? Get the B3D Pipeline (link elsewhere on this site). Export as a proper b3d file, and all your worries will be over, well not all of them, but at least some...