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PimpDaz(Posted 2003) [#1]
Hi Folks, Just a lil question to any Quill users out there.

I ordered Quill from the idigicon site thru shareit or whatever its called on sunday afternoon, JUST WONDERED HOW LONG YOU GUYS WAITED BEFORE YOU GOT YA COPY IN THE MAIL?!?!?!?

I realise that sunday really means monday as far as the post goes, thing is I have a week off work and would love to get cracking on Quill before I have to go back ;-)

Anyway, I'm off back to sit on the doormat......ciao

Shambler(Posted 2003) [#2]
I got it in about 3 days =)

AndyBoy_UK(Posted 2003) [#3]
In the UK, if you ordered it on Sunday, that means at best they will get the order Monday, and again at best dispatch it Monday, if your lucky Tuesday but more likley Wednesday, depends how quickly its dispatched.

Dont you get the option to download the full version while you wait for the boxed version to arrive, then you would have it straight away, or is that somewhere else?

PimpDaz(Posted 2003) [#4]
3 days eh???

still gives me till next wednesday before i go back to work....cackle cackle.....

Hmmmmmmmmm Download full version sounds good, is that true? I'll Have to have a snoop round the IDIGICON site methinks.

Thanks guys :-))

PimpDaz(Posted 2003) [#5]
seems like the download till boxed version arrives doesnt cover Quill ...shame that! ah well never mind. ;-)