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PowerPC603(Posted 2003) [#1]
I created an object with 3DS Max, assigned a texture to it and exported it with the B3D pipeline.
I exported the file to "C:\TestProject"
In this directory is a directory called Textures.
The textures for the object are located in:

Now, when I export the object to "C:\TestProject", without the option "Relative paths", the textures are correct.
And when I load the B3D file into NotePad, the first line says that my texture is: "C:\TestProject\Textures\Tex1.jpg", which is correct.

When I do exactly the same, with the option "Relative paths" activated, then Blitz3D gives the error: "Memory access violation", when using the B3D file.
When I open the B3D file into Notepad, the first lines contains: "\TexturesTex1.jpg".

So the backslash, which splits the directoryname and filename, is missing.

Another problem:
When I exported the object to a file, I cannot re-export the object to the same file (error in 3DS Max: "Unable to export").

Could this be a bug in the B3D pipeline?

Does anybody else have this problem?