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TeraBit(Posted 2003) [#1]
Hi all,

Just an update to 1.6 for Decorator. It adds the ability to rescale the level by a uniform amount (R key).


Insane Games(Posted 2003) [#2]
Thanks man! Great work!!!!
Always better!


Beaker(Posted 2003) [#3]
Lovely jubbly.

semar(Posted 2003) [#4]
Thanks a load Lee !


jfk EO-11110(Posted 2003) [#5]
Thanks a lot! I still love this Tool very much.

MadJack(Posted 2003) [#6]

Very nice utility.

One request though; I'm building large levels that I break up in my modeller and then import piecemeal into decorator - however the cam range of decorator seems quite short - be nice to be able to alter perhaps in the pref file?

MadJack(Posted 2003) [#7]
and perhaps a 'speed doubler' hotkey (for large levels)?

TeraBit(Posted 2003) [#8]
For levels which are too large you can use the rescale to size them down. But I agree about the Camera Range in the prefs, I'll put it in the next version.

You have speed control in F5 - F8 which are exponential in speed increase. Try it and see :)

superqix(Posted 2003) [#9]
Hey Lee,

You should really look into BlitzUI for this program. Once you get it figured out, it's really a breeze to drop dialogs and menus for all your programs commands.

Check out how "Total Terrain 2" does it's menus in a floating box.

Or, I'm working on a entity placement-style level editor with BlitzUI...

...where I just put a menu bar at the top of the screen. So when you run it in windowed mode, it looks like a regular app.

It's really pretty sweet...

Rob Pearmain(Posted 2003) [#10]

Any plans to allow loading of Character Shop 3 maps directly rather than B3D exports so we can retain all the entity information?

MadJack(Posted 2003) [#11]
Hi Lee

Just a little more detail on how I'm using Decorator.

I'm using Lightwave 6.5 to construct my level geometry and texture bake lightmapping.

I've investigated your Lightwave converter and it's useful, however I couldn't get it to correctly convert a model containing 2UV maps (both maps as Atlas, 1st = tiled textures, 2nd = lightmap) when there were several surfaces within the model (although they only used these UV maps).

The fallback I've worked out, is to export the texture baked lightmapped model to Decorator and texture map in that. I'd like to use Lightwave to tile texture my models as well, but although I can export two directx files (one containing the lightmap, the other containing the textured model), I can't seem to get Decorator to pick up and correctly apply the first file's UV's to the 2nd).

So these problems aside, as I've been building my models at a one to one scale in LW (and in their relative positions)and then exporting individual chunks to Decorator, some of the 'chunks' are some distance beyond Decorator's cam range. The work around I've been using is to set up a 'path' of temporary polys which I then delete as I travel through the blackness to my model. But it's clumsy.

So that's why I'm hanging out for a cam range variable in the pref file. I appreciate you're probably busy, but any chance of an ETA?

TeraBit(Posted 2003) [#12]
Hi all,


I have BlitzUI, but like all things I haven't had the time to look at it yet! ;/

@Rob Pearmain

I don't have CShop3, so it's unlikely ATM.


I'll see if I can get something going on the camera range some time today.

I'd like to know why Decorator is not importing the UV sets properly in your case. I know Mustang has used this feature successfully on several levels, so I'm not sure what's going on with that. Perhaps you could send me a couple of .x Levels and related bits to test out on?

Also with the LightWave convertor, I'd be interested in finding out why it's not converting your stuff properly.

Maybe it's because you're using LW 6.5? I only have 7/7.5 so I couldn't test it with earlier versions.

Bundle it all up and I'll take a look!

MadJack(Posted 2003) [#13]

Thanks for the camera range tweak - that's good news.

I'll zip up the LWO, textures, (and perhaps directx files) and send them shortly.

Phil Jones (aka MadJack)
New Zealand

TeraBit(Posted 2003) [#14]
Thanks, that should give me an excuse for some head scratching and muttering ;) !

TeraBit(Posted 2003) [#15]
Ok, that's done. I'll post up Decorator 1.7 later this evening.

The camera range is now in the prefs file. After the first line which specifies which mode you want and windowed etc. There are two more lines. The first is the camera near range, the second the far range (the defaults are set in the prefs file already).

I have also added a 'Hold' key (H) which will put decorator on hold and give you back the mouse pointer when in windowed mode (Windowed mode is recommended if your card can display 3D in a window, and is now the default in the prefs!).

As a note to anyone using the option to import UV sets from .X files and so on. Do NOT scale the level until the UV information is merged!!!! Otherwise there will be subtle differences in the meshes and the UVs will not align. Merge the levels and THEN scale if necessary.

Caff(Posted 2003) [#16]
Thanks for this keeping this great application updated! It is really cool to use, and has provided me with no end of fun.