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Ian Thompson(Posted 2003) [#1]
This little 3D model editor has just been released. It's design is based around Milkshape but with more features...

Dream 3D Model Editor v1.0

Supported Texture formats
Autodesk Image file *.cel *.pic
Standard Windows Bitmap Image *.bmp
JPEG Image File *.jpg *.jpeg
Paintshop Pro Image *.psp
Portable network graphic Image *.png
Portable pixel map Image *.ppm *.pgm *.pbm
Photoshop image *.psd *.pdd
Kodak Photo-CD image *.pcd
SGI Image *.bw *.rgb *.sgi
SGI Wavefront Image *.rla *.rpf
TGA Image File *.tga
TIFF Image *.tif *.tiff
ZSoft Paintbrush Image *.pcx *.pcc

Supported 3D Model Formats
SibVRV Dreams3D Model *.svd3d
MilkShape 3D Model *.ms3d
Quake II Model *.md2
Quake III Model *.md3
Normal Mapper File Format *.nmf
Autodesk 3D Studio *.3ds

I have heard that Doom III and Half Life 2 model formats will be supported as soon as the games hit the shelves.

Download the demo here...

jhocking(Posted 2003) [#2]
Hey, thanks for pointing that out. Never heard of it before. There's no feature list so I am curious what features you refer to that it has over Milkshape. Are you referring to animation features?

Ian Thompson(Posted 2003) [#3]
Well, just a few differences...

Better texturing support...
Plannar, Cubic, Cylindrical, Spherical Mapping.

A scripting language...
Built in scripting editor/compiler.

Material support for...
SphereMaps, Bumpmaps (Possibly shaders as it has Script button on the panel).

A proper object inspector and a few more primitives.

I am just dabbling myself as there are no help files yet and it's only a few days old.

jhocking(Posted 2003) [#4]
Testing so far (only about ten minutes) I see all sorts of deficiencies but then as you say it is only a few days old and most of the deficiencies appear to be stuff which will be added soon. For examples, a lot of the buttons are greyed out, implying that while they are not functional right now soon they will be. Similarly, that list of supported file formats is only for import (there is no export support right now!) but I assume exporters will be written soon.

Most troublesome however is the utter lack of a lot of basic modeling tools. For example, there are no tools for (not even greyed out buttons to indicate these are forthcoming) basic polygon operations like cut polygon/divide edge and extrude. Without that stuff you can't model anything more complex than a primitive with the vertices pulled around.

Ian Thompson(Posted 2003) [#5]
Yep, I think you a right Joe. I feel that this is one to keep an eye on currently. A lot of functionality that you describe will be provided by plugins, in a similar way to Milkshape. I am a registered Milkshape user but I, as are lot of other people, have been a little disappointed lack of updates (Plug-in authors aside) from the author of Milkshape.

I feel it already has great potential though and definitely one worth brining attention to our little community.