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gingerprince(Posted 2003) [#1]
How easy is it to get a level designed in 3ds max into blitz3d.
The levels will be of platform type.

Each platform will be a seperate object in max (Entity in Blitz)

Once the static map is in Blitz then any Animation of platforms will done there.

I want the final Blitz entities to have full brush support(alpha,shininess etc)

I have Ultimate unwrap will it be better to export(max) to Ultunwrap

then texture,add brush details there then export to Blitz In B3d Format?


What 2d paint format(bmp,png etc etc) is best to use as far as holding alpha information(or any other info) for textures?

I know its a lot of question to ask,but don`t ask don`t get.

Thanks in advance


Rob(Posted 2003) [#2]
wrong forum, I think.