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Gauge(Posted 2003) [#1]
I'm currently using Milkshape. To me the interface is the easiest to use, plus it animates, wish it did textures, i'm using EZmodel to texture my models though. The thing i like best about milkshape is the ability to create each vertex/face seperately. I think it was canvas3d that allowed this too, but not as well. And when i create a vertex in the frontview on ms3d it keeps the z constant. And the other modeler seemed to jump them around all over the place. But...Which other modelers have the create a single vertex, create face, etc. Milkshape isn't perfect, but it works okay...and its cheap, i won't spend much money. Of course when i export a model, and load it with unwrap it doesn't work cause theres no uv/etc coordinates which sucks too. I wish someone would make an all in one modeler(for about 30 bucks)...oh well

podperson(Posted 2003) [#2]
3D Studio Max has dandy vertex modelling tools... Sadly it's a little more expensive than Milkshape. Does GMax have the same tools?

Ricky Smith(Posted 2003) [#3]
Download and try the demo of Quill3d -Its an amazing bit of software. It can do pretty much everything you need all in 1 app and its very intuitive.

jhocking(Posted 2003) [#4]
Texture coordinates can be assigned in Milkshape (this I assume is what you mean by "did textures;") be sure to read the tutorials listed on the Milkshape website; I recommend Scarecrow's tutorials in particular. It simply isn't ideal for that purpose. But then it isn't ideal for modeling or animation either; if your highest priority is everything in one low cost package then Milkshape is it. For me however the highest priority is the quality of the final art so I use a small menagerie of tools, each pretty ideally suited for one task (see my "art workflow" thread.)

The problem you mention about loading in unwrap confuses me. First off, I assume you mean Ultimate Unwrap. Second, I assume there are UVs already assigned in Milkshape (otherwise the fact that the imported model doesn't have UV coordinates is obviously expected.) Make sure to export to a file format which supports UV coordinates and make sure that any option to export texture coordinates is checked. To get from Milkshape to Ultimate Unwrap I would recommend not exporting at all; Ultimate Unwrap can load/save the Milkshape ms3d format.

podperson, you shouldn't recommend people try gmax for use in Blitz. Using gmax for any purpose other than creating content for games which have an official gmax dev pack is illegal.

Dicon(Posted 2003) [#5]
I use Milkshape and it's perfect for low poly meshes. I don't have trouble with textures though.
Sometimes a program like Milkshape with less commands is better than a mass of confusing and unwanted ( I generalise ) options.
I am thinking of Truespace with it's hundreds of icon/buttons.



Gauge(Posted 2003) [#6]
Yeah i tried quill3d, its not bad. I was impressed to see a BB3d modeler/scene editor. Its interface isn't as ez as milkshape, but it seems to have quite a bit of extras though i haven't had much time to play around with the demo yet. I also have the demo of ultimate unwrap, I didn't know it supported milkshape models, so thats quite nice. I'll figure it out eventually. When i was starting ult unwrap up, it said "no uv coordinates" and then said nothing, so when i loaded a model it showed nothing, when i selected everything it just highlighted the upper left corner so i'm guessing with no cooridnates that it decided to put all the vertices etc in the same spot. Oh well i'll figure this out. Thanks.