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Krischan(Posted 2017) [#1]
I just found a neat tool to upscale Pixelart in HQ with a lot of different filters to chose from - ImageResizer. I took the title Screen of the old Amiga game "Legend of Faerghail" which is 320x200, upscaled it to 5120x3200 (16x) and rescaled it finally to 1280x800 in Photoshop using the Bicubic Sharper method to give it a more polished appearance. Compared to Photoshop Bicubic Upscaling this looks like it is a hand drawn Vector Art:

I used these settings:

Other examples with a bit of Photoshop tuning (created my own action script to upscale the upscaled image): enemies from the same game which are 120x120 Pixelart in original resolution (left side):

Forest Guard:

Creeping Scout:

Earth Elementar:

Poison Spider:

And with some Photoshop effects, you can create amazing images from it - yes, this 4K 5120x3200 wallpaper was once - a lowres Amiga Titlepic with 320x200 resolution (click image for full resolution):

This tool is now my new standard for upscaling pixelated images. :-D

coffeedotbean(Posted 2017) [#2]
I've used that tool for years, i wish there was an in game shader in blitz that did the same .