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Juggernaut(Posted 2017) [#1]
Is Scream3D still available ?

markcw(Posted 2017) [#2]
No it's been abandoned a few years now but I saved a copy before the site went down and found it for you. It's the latest version 2.1.5 but it was only in German (although someone suggested there is an earlier version in English but I don't have that).

I also was able to find the on internet archive and have zipped that up with the Scream3d installer. There was a link to it in toolbox HERE. I did get a MAV with it though.

I spent about 6 hours translating the help into English (with Google Translate Toolkit) and then editing out the &#60 the translator likes to put in. It's not perfect but is good enough. I've uploaded it to my storage site HERE. You need to extract my "Dokumente" folder over the original after you install it.

I may hack the exe to be in English later.

Juggernaut(Posted 2017) [#3]
@markow: You have done a great job preserving something precious from being extinct. You deserve a salute for the hard work you have done. Theses tools and other software tools should get put up in a central repository so that the community can still continue using them.

markcw(Posted 2017) [#4]
@Juggernaut: thank you for the kind words!

My storage site is a kind of repository for abandoned software (and a few tools) already but it is in a worklog HERE. I suppose it needs to be somewhere more public (like a thread in Developer Stations forum or maybe a small wordpress site?) as the worklogs are private (not in Google).

I have been looking more at Scream3d and am finding how it works. You use the game library code to load the level files made in the world editor. It seems it would be trivial to port for use in minib3d and openb3d.

There are some samples in the game library which work fine (apart from a pong demo) so it seems stable and worth translating the editor to English and repackaging in an installer.

About the, it is just a simple demo of a game menu so the buttons don't work and that caused a MAV.

I haven't worked out what the PureLight editor is for or why the game library has so many commands yet.

markcw(Posted 2017) [#5]
I'm still trying to understand Scream3d but not much luck getting English. Shame as it's all set up with .ini files but not finished, I suspect the German text is embedded and encrypted in the exe but I don't want to drop it so am just translating the editor help text. The idea is you switch to the help to translate the editor words. Full translation is slow so I won't be finished for a few weeks. It would have been great to contact ShadowTurtle for a fix but he doesn't have an email.

The PureLight editor seems to be a plugin writer for the 3d editor. The 3d engine is a .dll for languages without a 3d engine like Blitz+. Then there are 'library' commands written for Blitz3d which load the world .wld file and manage area culling. I'm only going to translate the editor help text and library code comments not the engine or script editor.

markcw(Posted 2017) [#6]
Got it!

The English .ini loads if you install to Program Files, I had installed to Program Files (x86) so it just can't resolve the url.

Juggernaut(Posted 2017) [#7]
@markcw: I have not been able to run Scream3D on Windows 10 Home edition 64 bits, not even in any one of the backward compatibility modes. The program simply does not respond to my mouse clicks.

markcw(Posted 2017) [#8]
Oh dear. I have a second-hand Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and Scream3d works without any tweak.

I suggest it should work somehow. So try all things you can find, like this article:

Juggernaut(Posted 2017) [#9]
@markcw: Still no luck so far.

markcw(Posted 2017) [#10]
It's basically a Blitz3d program using what seems to be the same GUI in Tree[d] and Gile[s]. Have you tried running these or similar programs?

Also I find the options menu crashes Scream3d, it seems to run an options.exe.

Also I'm a bit confused about my copy of World Editor/lang_german.ini I think I may have corrupted it by editing it and I only have one copy of Windows here. Could you do me a favour and post in [ codebox ] tags the contents of that and also lang_eng.ini?

Juggernaut(Posted 2017) [#11]
World Editor/lang_german.ini

World Editor/lang_eng.ini

markcw(Posted 2017) [#12]
Okay it seems they are the same as mine so I didn't corrupt anything, thanks Juggernaut.

markcw(Posted 2017) [#13]
I have the same problem with options.exe that you have with theeditor.exe.

Reading THIS article, I think the problem is that it relies on an old driver (or maybe dll) not supported any more. So the solution should be to install Windows XP on a virtual machine like VirtualBox, or on a separate machine.

markcw(Posted 2017) [#14]
So the solution should be to install Windows XP on a virtual machine like VirtualBox, or on a separate machine.

Having just installed Windows XP Pro (SP2, 32 bit) on a partition, I find that it works but like in Windows 7, options.exe does not run. I tried installing dotNet 3.5 in case it was that sort of program but no change. I'm out of ideas on options.exe but at least it proved there's no need for XP.

ShadowTurtle(Posted 2017) [#15]
1. options.exe is having many bugs.
2. You could use a earlier version.
3. The lastest versions are not polished for the public
4. Demotivation was the indication stopping project development
5. The reasons of demotivation will die with me (in some time)
6. Back in ~2003 it was stunning.. yeah.. some days after release the Source-Engine (Valve) was official published and worldcraft was done too..

Now have a nice day and i recommend using gtkradiant. The most way it is complicated but with some hot-keys (the presets are fully Ok) gtkRadiant is fully useable.

Thank you for reading this message.

markcw(Posted 2017) [#16]
Nice of you to stroll by ShadowTurtle. I see you still have your sense of humour!

Gtkradiant looks fantastic. I should just go and play with that now but I've been working on the Scream3d English docs and have been enjoying translating them.

I don't have a copy of Scream3d 2.0 but I would love a copy, if that's okay with you. I wonder if it's more stable than 2.15 as I do get a few crashes (e.g. if it's left running too long).

RemiD(Posted 2017) [#17]
or you could try to find "3d world studio" on the web.
JoshK does not sell it anymore but if you search you will find (similar to gtkradiant but it exports in b3d...)

ShadowTurtle(Posted 2017) [#18]
I recommend really a competetive software.
GLET, gtkRadiant, Giles, etc. does support Blitz3D in a good way.
Scream3D got never this polishing in the end. Sorry.

I wish you now a great time using Blitz3D, BlitzMax and so on. :)

Edit: Can someone remove Scream3D from the Toolbox section?


The following Text is for some retrospective fans:

1. Version 2.0 is here:
2. Options arent working here but you can configure hotkeys with "File" -> "Controls"
3. click on "Sprache" -> "English". The whole UI is now in english (you must restart).
3. you can open "threeways.smf" from the sample folder or design yourself worlds.
4. World-Loader for Blitz3D resists in program folder "Scream3D2\Game Library\Blitz3D\Source" and works without DLL and externals.

Someone could write a exporter for into .B3D File-Format in Blitz3D itself. The loader is here (see 4.).

Why i delivered a half baked 3D Engine written in Purebasic? Here is the story:

There was plans making a World-Loader in Purebasic but the product-owner wasnt nice to me.
Purebasic roadmap had plans to integrate a own 3D engine. It did end with Ogre3D.
Community-Technically i would be a member concurrent. So i did stop after three days.
The 3D Tetris Sample Game works fine (please install drivers for OpenGL 1.3).

The really cool version with a nicier UI was storaged here but deleted all files :(

Version 1 = Scream3D Pack A to Pack I
Versions up to 2.7 = Never happened. So no polishing.

markcw(Posted 2017) [#19]
Awesome, pleased to get version 2.0! I have a few questions.

3d world studio is shareware, so how can you use it? Can you still buy it?

So is there something wrong with your Blitz .wld format, would the .b3d format be more optimized??


RemiD(Posted 2017) [#20]
3d world studio was shareware, but the developer chose to not sell it anymore, which, imo, justifies the unauthorized download (but you do what you want)

ShadowTurtle(Posted 2017) [#21]
I see you do not unterstand why some things are not logical. They will never become logical.

The .wld file format was made being used in Blitz3D. It is realy depending on Blitz3D Features!
The .b3d loader was later integrated in Blitz3D and invented from Mark himself.
I did a own .B3D-Export in Scream3D. This feature was allowed in commercial edition. Today you must lif with the free features with respect for freedom for Mark inventing his features & file format further(!) without becoming incompatible with Scream3D.

Today this is bullock. There are more unlogical things. This interview descripes how Scream3D became developed:

Kiddy eh? Yeah.. i was 16 and you resist and storage some thing that a youngster did.

Brucey and other guys created better Tools. They came to Blit3D with experiences in high- or low-level languages + 3D Exp.

Products as Giles, Quill3D etc. uses advanced features but Scream3D showcased the Blitz3D-Only-Capatibilitys. Scream3D was created meant to be used as Tool for MY GAMES.
I did never a complete game but many unfinished things.

Kiddy eh? Yes. This was many years ago. Today i am a other guy but traver back to Blitz3D only because some Hirnie is talking about Scream3D. :/

The clarify is as follow:
When you use Scream3D then you use a thing made by a Scriptkiddy. Got it finally!

markcw(Posted 2017) [#22]
Got it! Thanks for explaining, ShadowTurtle. So I will stop work on it now. Interesting story though. :)