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coffeedotbean(Posted 2017) [#1]
No not mine, but a youtuber who for some reason popped up on my youtube Recommended?! he has 14 part series that goes from his beginnings to to where he is now.

I recommend starting from part 2 if you want to get straight into it.

He uses Klik 'N' Play and moves on Fusion 2.5 but it's not a about the tools he uses, it not a series about teaching you how to use these tools; more his journey of getting better at game design, really resonated with me reminding me of the good old Blitzcoder days some 12+ years ago when I was struggling getting to grips with blitzbasic.

Imperium(Posted 2017) [#2]
I remember making some simple Atari style games with a early version of Game Maker. Think it was like 4.0 long before Mark sold it off to YoYo games.

Even though I think Klik N Play was a great product for its time and newer Click Team products are fantastic tools I find the drag and drop method of coding a game extremely cumbersome and aggravating. Isn't there a basic scripting language you can use instead of the menus with these products? I do really like the fact all you need is Windows 98 and 32mb of Ram to use Clickteams software! :D

I tried the YoYo games version of Game Maker years ago and found the performance was absolutely abysmal.

Xerra(Posted 2017) [#3]
I've been tinkering away with Game Maker Studio 2 the last few days. It's probably a lot better now. Love the way the IDE uses workspace, for example.