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RustyKristi(Posted 2016) [#1]
Hey All,

A few weeks ago I have noticed that I was nearing the 1000th post mark and thought of something rather meaningful on that very post, after all the help that I got from this community, it's the least thing that I can do. :-).

The idea all started a few months back that I have asked my friend who is also a hobbyists game dev, if he's willing to share his SpriteWorks2 copy and a few minutes later on it lead the conversation down to the legalities of it. Taking into consideration that EnvyGames site, the creator of the tool, already went down a few years ago and so I was thinking that this could be considered abandonware.

I still did not take any chances and so the first thing that I did was to email John Kanalakis, owner of EnvyGames. I searched for contact info and finally got his email from garagegames site ;-)) wrote him to ask for permission to release it for FREE.

A few weeks went by I have not received any response and so I just forgot about it, moved on and my plan to share something on that very post was a bust.

Fast forward today, I was surprised when I opened my inbox and just got his reply (just now) with the permission of finally releasing it for free.

He also mentioned that he's now working on a new SpriteWorks version with crossplatform support and with less requirements.

So folks, courtesy of John K, I give you SpriteWorks 2!!!

Enjoy! :D

col(Posted 2016) [#2]
Thats really cool!
Thanks for sharing this :O)

Rick Nasher(Posted 2016) [#3]
Wow, what's going on with all these free contributions lately.. X-mas came early due to climate change? :-)

Yue(Posted 2016) [#4]
Rick Nasher :S

We are all gonna die.

RustyKristi(Posted 2016) [#5]

Probably just great timing but I would not count that idea out XD

Happy to share guys and cheers!

Rick Nasher(Posted 2016) [#6]