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markcw(Posted 2016) [#1]
2D Animating

Pencil (Win/Mac/Lin) - vector painting, animating

Synfig Studios (Win/Mac/Lin) - vector painting, animating (spline)

Stykz (Win/Mac/Lin) - stick figure animating

Tupi (Win/Mac/Lin) - animating

Piskel (Win/Mac/Lin) - painting, animating

Aseprite/Allegro Sprite Editor (Win/Mac/Lin) *$10* - painting, animating

Pyxel Edit (Win/Mac) - painting, animating

CreaToon (Win) - painting, animating

Graphics Gale (Win) - painting, animating

Pro Motion (Win) - painting, animating

Project Dogwaffle 1.2 (Win) - painting, animating

Saint Paint Studio (Win) - painting, animating

PhotoAnim (Win) - image animating

Ajax Animator (Web) - painting, animating

2d Painting

Inkscape (Win/Mac/Lin) - vector painting

GIMP/GNU Image Manipulation (Win/Mac/Lin) - painting

GrafX2 (Win/Mac/Lin) - painting

Fontext (Win) - font editing

Font Machine (Win) - font editing

Paint.NET (Win) - painting

Penny Paint (Win) - spline painting

TwistedBrush Open Studio (Win) - painting

Ultimate Paint LE (Win) - painting

2d Processing

ExGen (Win) - particle editing

Imagicon (Win) - image converting

Image Packer (Win) - image processing

Irfanview (Win) - image converting

Shoebox (Win/Mac) - image processing

2d Map Editing

Universal Map Editor (Win) - tile editing

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markcw(Posted 2016) [#3]
double post.

markcw(Posted 2016) [#4]
3D Animating

Blender (Win/Mac/Lin) - modelling, texturing, animating, rendering

Art of Illusion (Win/Mac/Lin) - modelling, rendering, animating, texturing

K-3D (Win/Mac/Lin-src) - modelling, animating

DAZ Studio (Win/Mac) - animating, rendering

Moonlight|3D (Win/Lin) - modelling, animating, rendering

Misfit Model 3D (Win/Lin-src) - modelling, animating

3DCrafter [3D Canvas] (Win) - modelling, animating

Anim8or (Win) - modelling, texturing, animating, rendering

Milkshape3D (Win) *$35* - modelling, texturing, animating

Metasequoia LE (Win) - modelling, texturing, animating, rendering

OpenFX (Win) - modelling, animating, rendering (Web) - modelling, texturing, animating, rendering

3d Modelling

MakeHuman (Win/Mac/Lin) - modelling, texturing

Wings 3D (Win/Mac/Lin) - modelling, texturing

Sculptris (Win/Mac) - modelling, texturing

DeleD CE (Win) - modelling, texturing, rendering, lightmapping

Zmodeler (Win) - modelling, texturing

SculptGL (Web) - modelling

3DTin (Web) - modelling

3D Lightmapping

Gile[s] (Win) *no download* - lightmapping

Light Map Maker (Win) - lightmapping

Slim Shady (Win) *no download* - lightmapping

3d Texturing

Decorator (Win) - texturing

Lithunwrap 1.3 (Win) - uv mapping

Tattoo (Win) - 3d painting, texturing

3D World Editing

AWC/Another World Creator (Win) - level editing, animating, lightmapping

HomeSpun (Win) - level editing

L3DT/Large 3D Terrain (Win) - terrain modelling, texturing

Maplet (Win) - modelling, texturing, lightmapping

Quark (Win) - - level editing, lightmapping

Scream3D (Win) - level editing, lightmapping, texturing, animating

T.ED (Win) - terrain modelling, texturing

Simple Tree Creator (Win) *no download* - tree modelling

Tree[d] (Win) *no download* - tree modelling, texturing

3d Librarys

Devil GUI (Win) - game gui

Devil Particle System (Win) - particles

DST_Dust (Win) - dust particles

PCL_Cloud (Win) - cloud particles

nPoly (Win) - polygon collision

Schwang(Posted 2016) [#5]
WONDERFUL! Thankyou!

jfk EO-11110(Posted 2016) [#6]
btw. Slimshady and FLE can be found here atm., in and in the vrv engine, all open source.

Blitzplotter(Posted 2016) [#7]
Wow, what a great list

MikeHart(Posted 2016) [#8]
Krita is definitely worth being mentioned here: