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Hezkore(Posted 2015) [#1]
Anyone know of a good tool for making maps?

I'm only going to make "retro" levels, similar to Quake 1, Duke Nukem 3D, Outlaws etc.
So far I've tested a few tools but each has their own problems.

3D World Studio no longer works on any of my machines (Windows 10).

Map Scape is very bugged and crashes at least once every 15 minutes.

DeleD is what I use now, but the camera is very annoying.
It moves in "steps", and you have to hold down the W key for like 1.5 seconds before it actually starts moving/jumping forward.
Unless I lower the key repeat delay in windows!
There's also no setting for mouse sensitivity which makes the camera just spin around real fast.
Unless I lower the mouse pointer speed in windows!
Also the interface is real bad.

GtkRadiant is something I used a lot before, but it's VERY over the top for what I need.
It's also pretty annoying to setup for different custom games.

TrenchBroom for Quake 1 is pretty nice!
But it can't export to any 3D format and I can't find any .map convert either.
So I can't really use that.

I'd also try and stay away from stuff like Blender and Maya, they're also a big over the top.

But any tip is welcome! :)

Kryzon(Posted 2015) [#2]
There's SketchUp, of which version 8 was the last one that was free and could be used commercially.
The modern free versions are for personal\educational use only.

You can get version 8 here:

It seems to export models to Collada .DAE format.
You can then import them in Blender to texture, vertex-paint and polish them. So SketchUp would be used for blocking-in and major modelling.

It's very easy to learn Blender these days. I predict that once you see how easy it is to model with it, you'll rely on it for all 3D things in your pipeline.
See this for learning resources:

jfk EO-11110(Posted 2016) [#3]
there is still the free maplet-decorator path, probably doing lightmaps in gile[s].

What I did like about maplet and decorator is, they are intuitive, slim and fast.

That being said, sophisticated architecture may be hard to achieve. But retro is fine.

Hezkore(Posted 2016) [#4]
What I ended up doing was load Q3 and Q1 BSP files.
That way I can use all the Quake editors.