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Dan(Posted 2015) [#1]
This code needs the WinBLitz3d library. download

ok here is whats making a Trouble in my code:

I need to Call Graphic command multiple times, when reloading images.

in my code it is functioning nicely, sofar.

now The Graphics window shall be Fullscreen.
The Fullscreen Code needs to be called every time when a new picture loads
(or else if playing movies, the movie wont unload/Stop).

if i add WB3D_FakeFullScreen(RuntimeWindow_hWnd) just After the new
Graphics mode is set, The Window changes to borderless mode, but the menue is drawn kinda double time 1 under another,
(only 1 is usuable ofc) and my code doesnt show any picture.

here is a Code to show the Bug

press f2 to see the bug
Press f1 to go to windowed mode.

the question is, what shall i change/add so that this code is working ?

(ps. looks like the handle to which the screen is drawn, is not right, somehow (at f2))
(pps. this is an edit of the Example Code from WinBlitz3d Library)