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Matty(Posted 2015) [#1]
Hi all,

As I've mentioned a few times I use blitz3d and blitzplus often to make little tools and so on as 'helpers' in creating my games (regardless of the final product's coding environment).

This is an example of something I've built which you may find useful as well.

I may eventually put a 'proper' version in the code archives so that others can use it in a more refined fashion - at the moment it is not entirely user friendly but it should be easy enough for a lot of developers to follow.


This is an animation tool. I use it to create frames of animation which then get stitched together into an mp4 (with other software) to use as a background video or similar.

The way it works is that relies on two .bb files.

The first is the renderer that simply takes the data files you create and draws a little animation. When it executes - if the saverenders flag is set - then the images will render to the folder marked renders.

The second is a program that generates a data file. Typically you will make a whole bunch of these and then execute them to generate the data files (in a sub folder marked data).

Enough's the code (2)

Use however you wish .... (many of you may already have software that does this or that you have written)

Here are some little samples of animations created with these two programs:

(note these are just quick samples)