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Nexinarus(Posted 2015) [#1]
here is my attempt at RLE Compression for 24-Bit BMPs.

It converts the RGB Values to a single integer.
First each value R,G, & B get converted to Multiples of 8 (0,8,16,24,etc...) then combined into an integer 0-32767
(this reduces the quality i know. But i still think it looks good.

Integers 32768-65535 are the counters.

Note:32768=3 65535=32770
The reason is that when saving only 2 identical colors side by side it is still 2 integers.

And in some cases, the file will not be compressed depending on the order of the colors.

I know it is 2 bytes per integer. But when comparing the final result to the 24-bit BMP Image, its 2 bytes per pixel instead of 3.

I dunno if this is useful at all. Probably not. I just wanted to see if i could do it.

it is on the following link in the code archeives. It is with this particular code arc thread because it is yet another RLE Compression.


just input your inputfilename$ and outputfilename$.


Sorry that this is in the Userlibs section. I thought I clicked the programming section. I did not realize that i was In the Userlib thread until I posted this. Sorry about that. If the Admin can remove this thread. Please do so. I am going to put it in the programming section where i meant to put it all along.