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Tom(Posted 2014) [#1]
Hey all, just been looking at what's 'new' in the art creation world and saw this is on offer, sale has like 20 hours left. Normally about 110, down to 36.29!

It's a 3d texturing/painting app, very tasty!


GfK(Posted 2014) [#2]
Tom! Hows stuff?

Tom(Posted 2014) [#3]
Much better my good man, thanks for asking! :)

Lost our mum early this year, tough time that, really knocked me for six! ... almost back to normal now, if I was ever LOL.

I've been getting 'the itch' again, and no it's not because my undies are a bit tight (R.I.P Rick Mayall), I don't pay so many games these days, but still find programming & art interesting. Actually Grid Autosport kicks ass!

Blitzmax your primary software these days?

Hope all is well your end.

GfK(Posted 2014) [#4]
Nah, not any more - fddling about with Unity nowadays.

All good over here. Still poor but soldiering on!

Sorry to hear 'bout your ma. :/

Doggie(Posted 2014) [#5]
Today STEAM began their BIG HOLIDAY sale and Substance Painter is now $89.00
It was $49.00 yesterday. Big Sale...a lot of stuff 10 to 15% off
which is uninspiring.Though I did pick up a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator X for $4.99. That much is good. Seems like years past the
Holiday Sale was kids in a candy shop with big discounts on major
titles. This year, not so much.

GfK(Posted 2014) [#6]
Today STEAM began their BIG HOLIDAY sale and Substance Painter is now $89.00
It was $49.00 yesterday
What sort of sale is that, where the price goes UP?

Doggie(Posted 2014) [#7]
exactly. But there it is. I did manage to get The Golf Club for $13.99
today but it's not all that great as it comes with NO manual or keyboard
commands whatsoever. I'm hoping i can figure it out and also hoping it actually has something more than mouseclicks...
Crummiest Holiday Sale ever.

ShadowTurtle(Posted 2015) [#8]
i do not know about ya "normaly"..
Xilvan is creating a series of games about his/her dog. Since many years. Probably more extensive than nintendo (mario&co)...
The lost of her/his dog _IS_ the reason creating the project (so far i know) in the hard way.

It is nothin making any sense. Nothing more as you would create a game about ya mum.

I think the real reason is to do save good memories of the partnership forever. Using BlitzMax/BlitzBasic/Blitzwhatever for todays projects is a religion. So as anyone is using QBasic to do save good memories.

Is it a fault compare a important person with a important animal in that manner? No. The important person was helping, speaking, etc. to you. You can not create a game about ya mom without leaving out many things she did for you.

You should use a religion-free programming software before you begin the wrong thing. Go to microsoft or so without creating games.. you can do that not objectively good as far i readed ya post..

t'or use unity for creating games ;---)