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mk2y10(Posted 2013) [#1]
I am not sure if there are any out there, but I had trouble finding a dll that printed to a console using std. Because I had a hard time, I decided to post my own, so people do not have to look too far...

The special thing about this one is that you can listen to keys that are pressed when the console window is active. This means you can see live keystrokes outside input commands.

This works for both Blitz+ and Blitz3D... but, this disables Blitz+'s console outputs like print and input. The Blitz+ console also can not be visible when allocating a new console. Play around and you will see what I mean...

Here is example code:

Here is an example of the console run:

Here is the decls file: (stdio.decls)

Here is the download link (GoogleDocs):

Please let me know what you think, and of any bugs or improvements.


Here is something else I found:

If you use the CreateProcess() in Blitz+, you CAN talk to another blitz+ application that has NOT allocated a console by using the console commands!

So, if you have a program (say a plug-in or something) that you want to talk to, you would not allocate a console, but instead, you would simply use the console commands to read/send data through the program's default stream.

You would still use the ReadLine,WriteLine,ect.. in the program that created the process tho.